We deliver pathways to workplace and property transformation.

Who we are

Transformation principles

Strategic approach


The experiences that organisations create – for staff, customers and members – aligns with the DNA and core values that connects and unites everyone.


Well-crafted spaces can be a joy to behold, more importantly they impact an organisations customers and people.


Workplace culture isn’t accidental - it’s the cornerstone of success, built intentionally from the inside out.


Our processes and systems underpin the way we enter our spaces and the way we work, enabling individuals and teams to work optimally and efficiently.


A ‘whole-of-business’ approach integrates strategy with key business activities including people, workplace and technology.

If your property offering and workspaces aren’t driving your business goals, it’s time for change.

If your current setup doesn’t boost learning, development, or talent retention, let us help. We design spaces that prioritize health, wellbeing, and engagement, improving connection with your team and customers. Let us align your people with your organisation’s value and purpose.

Our approach

We help maximise organisational performance with our strategic approach to people, space & culture

We partner with clients to deliver strategic solutions for impactful results, guiding them from a passive to active and innovative approach to their workplace and property. This journey includes insight gathering, aspiration mapping, requirement development, planning, project setup, and implementation.

Our 6 step process

We’ve been in your shoes - as consultants, contractors, and clients!

Our partnership began while leading the award-winning makeover of National Australia Bank’s 700 Bourke Street Workplace. Building on this achievement, we have since focused on projects that spark similar transformations within organisations, reshaping operating models, culture, and driving greater efficiencies throughout the business.

Who we are


Australian Super

Workplace Strategy and Project leadership of the creation of new 10,000m2 Australian Super workplace on Lonsdale Street.

Billard Leece Partnership Development of post-Covid organisational workplace strategy including the design & implementation of a 9 month Workplace Pilot to test new workplace and activity profiles and define the optimal future working guidelines for staff and teams.

Development of a new National portfolio workplace and property strategy and development of high level implementation plan.

Creation of a workplace strategy and regional Victoria hub workplace program including pilot to test new ways of working model and process

Creation of a new Integrated Development brief for Re-development of existing 50,000m2 commercial asset in Melbourne CBD that helps reposition ISPT and align the business.

Creation of new 63,000m2 workplace, change and consolidation (11 buildings to 3) strategy. The delivery of the project including Project Leadership and responsibility for design / construction / change / tech Integration, Governance and Exec Engagement and the relocation of 11,000 staff.

Development of organisational workplace strategy and long term property option including space planning, financial modelling and property implement plan.

Creation of new Stockland workplace at Rialto on Collins Street including Workplace Strategy & Business Case development, Project Leadership & Integration and Change Management.

Strategic Consulting Services to support interior design studio growth.

Creation of an organisational strategy and delivery roadmap for TOTAL Construction including State-specific and National strategies.

Creation of a Workplace Strategy for VPA and a pilot program.

Development of new workplace strategy for a CBD-based non-profit focused on primary healthcare for Melbourne’s underprivileged youth - from property search, project setup, to design brief and securing funding grants.

Case Studies


Rethinking a loved Melbourne landmark for future generations

Billard Leece Partnership

Empowering spaces: people and processes take the lead at Billard Leece

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