Our strategic approach to property & workplace transformation

We take a ‘whole of business’ approach, analysing your company’s present state and future plans to assess your workplace and property needs. We leverage your space as a strategic tool, driving your broader ambitions and sparking authentic transformation.


The relationship between exceptional workplace experiences and a highly engaged workforce is crucial. Workplace experience encompasses interpersonal interactions, community connections, and the value derived from local amenities and services. This experience sets the foundation for how employees perceive and evaluate your organisation.

We prioritise understanding your current workplace experience before crafting a tailored and authentic experience that aligns with your purpose and core values. By doing so, we enhance employee motivation, commitment, and engagement, ultimately elevating overall organisational performance.


The way people connect with their immediate surroundings and neighbouring community directly influences their workplace experience, which is paramount to organisational success. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, understanding the purpose of the spaces you promote or occupy - both physical and virtual - is essential. This understanding is pivotal in ensuring that these spaces add value.

Here at The Green Boat, we work with you to define the purpose of your physical workplace. We then work together to design tailored solutions that align with this purpose, enabling you to provide the right tools and environments for people to work optimally.


With the pandemic forcing organisations to change how they work, creating a positive workplace culture has become an immediate concern for businesses worldwide. In this landscape, we see the need to build social capital and prioritise micro learning, innovation and connection across all part of the organisation.

Our approach provides the opportunity for organisations to reassess their priorities and design work environments that promote safety, engagement, connection, productivity, and growth – whether employees are working from home, in the office, or elsewhere.


Every organisation relies on its own set of processes and systems to facilitate its daily operations. Some of these may be highly efficient, while others can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and in need of reassessment.

Implementing a workplace or property transformation program presents a unique opportunity to conduct a thorough evaluation of these processes and systems. With a transformation program spanning a period of time, there is opportunity to implement improved and more efficient systems. This ensures that outdated and inefficient processes are not carried over into the new and dynamic work environment.


Organisations are constantly engaged in various initiatives, such as leadership changes, significant IT upgrades, or P&C training programs, all driven by the goal of enhancing business performance.

Our approach is designed to integrate these diverse activities to amplify the value of their collective efforts. By adopting this strategy, we foster connections throughout the organisation, promoting greater collaboration between business units. This ensures that our clients fully harness the potential of their workplace or property transformation, maximising its impact on overall organisational success.

How we’ll get you there