Hosier lane’s new Living Room: a modern, dynamic workspace for Youth Projects

Youth Projects
August 2019 - November 2022
800 M2 at Hosier Lane Melbourne CBD

Organisational Workplace Strategy Development

Property Search and Financial Modelling

Lease Negotiations

Building re-design and Refurbishment


Youth Projects (YP) are a Melbourne-based Non-for-Profit who provide health and social support services to Melbourne most vulnerable youth. Founded in 1984, YP have been based at their CBD home in Hosier Lane for over 20 years. Recognising that the premises were not fit-for-purpose and in need of a major upgrade, in 2019 YP prioritised the re-assessment of it’s strategic direction and how it’s property and workplace could enable and support the transformation of its core business goals.

Our role

TGB were engaged to develop an organisational workplace strategy which required us to:

  • Deep-dive into the organisations and a diagnosis of existing challenges
  • Define the aspiration, future services and impact
  • Develop the staff and customer experience
  • Develop future space planning requirements
  • Lead the stakeholder engagement process(including Clients, Staff, YP Board)

Following approval of the strategy, TGB lead a market search for alternative CBD property solutions and financial analysis. This process lead to the decision to re-develop the existing 3 story premises at Hosier Lane. In mid-2022 TGB commenced the project implementation and management process of theHosier Lane refurbishment.

The solutions

  1. An organisational workplace strategy that defined how Youth Projects want to operate and the space and tools required to achieve this
  2. Renegotiation of the existing lease for 10 years(including above market incentives)
  3. Engagement of like-minded consultants and partners to help develop and deliver a unique space that would be a game changer for YP
  4. Securing $190K of ‘pro-bono’ materials/services to minimise project expenditure
  5. Optimising all 3 floors to improve the service and expand the offering
  6. The refurbishment of Hosier Lane into a state of the art health and social services facility that delivers ‘wrap around’ services
  7. A new modern, dynamic workplace and client home.


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This project was featured in Artichoke Magazine, Issue 85, December 2023.

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Project featured in Artichoke Magazine, issue 85, December 2023

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